COMMON SOURCE #15 by Mary Lamb

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COMMON SOURCE #15 by Mary Lamb

COMMON SOURCE is a monthly, tabloid-size, collaged zine for visual artists to cut, tear, tape, paint, glue or otherwise transform.⁣

Mary Lamb is a collage artist and zine maker living in Charlottesville, VA. Her work involves curation and accumulation-- the cutting and assembling of found photographs, recycled papers, ephemera, and vintage magazines to create new stories. Ideas of identity, memory, and manipulation emerge as she navigates the conversation between material, context, and her own perspective as a queer woman looking to make room for queer histories, real or imagined. She makes zines to share materials, encourage collaboration, & build community with other artists.

NONMACHINABLE is pleased to stock back issues of this project -- new issues are available by subscription at Follow the project and see what others are making on Instagram at @commonsourcecollage!