What kind of material do you distribute?
We are interested in distributing “optically interesting” material–especially collage zines, abstract comics, mail art, stamp art, and works of visual poetry. Weird, unclassifiable stuff is also likely to be of interest to us, but the closer it is to one or another of those areas, the more likely it is that it’ll be a good fit with us.

How do I sell my zine with Nonmachinable?
Our first open submission period will likely launch in May of 2022. Check back here then for a link to our submission form, or join our occasional mailing list to receive an email reminder. However, we are actively building a catalogue of work from trans people, queers, artists of color, and women–if that’s you, and if you are producing work that you think is a good fit with us (see above), drop us a line any time and we will send you a link to the submission form.

What are your terms?
We're currently offering a consignment period of up to a year, with a 50/50 split on copies sold. BIPOC artists receive a 60/40 split in their favor. We distribute funds from the sales twice per year. We work hard to build an audience for the artists we work with, and promote our catalogue online and at in-person events when possible.

I live outside the US–do you work with international artists?
Yes! In fact, we're especially interested in working with international artists right now to help them get publications out to a broader US audience without the hassle and expense of international shipping.

I have a zine I think you would like! Can I send it to you?
We have an unquenchable thirst for seeing new work, and you’re welcome to send us a zine for us to peruse and enjoy! Our mailing address is NONMACHINABLE ℅ allison anne, PO Box 23193, Minneapolis, MN, 55423 USA. Do note that zines sent to us will only formally be considered as candidates for distribution if they arrive more-or-less concurrently with a completed submission form–see above for the details.

How can I place an order? Do you ship internationally?
Our catalogue will soon be available to browse online. We are based in the U.S. and ship to any country that USPS currently serves (due to the pandemic, there are occasionally shipping restrictions). Shipping costs are calculated by country using current rate information from the USPS. Our international shipping options are currently being tweaked; please email us for a rate quote for smaller packages.