North Star Collage #2 by Twin Cities Collage Collective, Various Artists

North Star Collage #2 by Twin Cities Collage Collective, Various Artists

The second issue of Twin Cities Collage Collective's publication highlighting Minnesota-based collage and mixed media is now available! NORTH STAR COLLAGE #2 is nearly three times the size of the first issue, representing 75 artists in Minnesota who are currently working with the technique. This publication features a wide variety of techniques and styles, ranging from cut-and-paste to digital compositions to mixed media.


• Full-color, perfect-bound soft-cover book measuring 5.5 x 8.5 inches

• Featuring 75 Minnesota-based artists working in the medium of collage

• Proceeds support the Twin Cities Collage Collective Collage Materials Scholarship Fund and other group programming


Featuring work by:

Adam J. McCauley
Alison Arens
Alison Bergblom Johnson
allison anne
Andee Crone
Anna Lucia
Azania Tripp
Ben DiNino
Bianca Jarvis
Carly Newhouse
Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger
Cassidy Wall
Cedar Thomas
Christopher Alday
Claire Richter
Cody Lamb
Daniel P Reiva
Derek Meier
Dominique Winders
Emily Condon
Emma Schreifels
Eric Zuccola
Fresh Eye Arts artists Randy S., Molly Hanson, Steven C., Ethan Williams, and Lynda Mullan
H. Wright
Hannah Foster
Hannah Frick
Hilary Greenstein
Jameson Cochrane
Jared Maire
Jazmin Chase
Jen Shaffer
Jennifer Borel Scholte
Jes Reyes
Jordan Homstad
Joshua Eiberg
JP Wenner
Juan Diego Perez La Cruz
Juliana Lueneburg
Kayleigh Fichten
Kendall Dickinson
Kerri Sandve
Kristin Schue
Kyle Bredain
Loren Marple
Lydia Moran
Lyz Wendland
Madigan Cochran-Bjerke
Madison Rubenstein
Mary Gibney
Matt Schuster
Mel McKenzie
Michael Finch
Nancy Ariza
Nico Enstrom
Patricia Farris
Rachel Bean
Rachel Robison
Ren Gay
Rhiannon Davis
Russ White
Sandy Beach
Sarah Schneemann
Savior Allen-Knight
Scott Neff
Serenity Kenan
Tova Gorman-Baer
Vincent DeZutti
Yasmiene Mabrouk
Yvette Griffea-Gray
Zack Baltich

Cover feature: Jared Maire
Back cover feature: Kerri Sandve

Inside front cover feature: Lyz Wendland
Inside back cover feature: Christopher Alday

Graphic design & layout: allison anne

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